Monday’s Super Bowl Opening Night, an event formerly known as “Media Day,” provided its usual juxtapositions between serious and zany. For every beat writer asking Peyton Manning about his retirement plans, there was, say, a guy in a superhero costume offering the quarterback a homemade playbook.

So it made perfect sense for Josh Norman, in the middle of his podium session, to don a wrestling mask. After all, the Carolina Panthers’ star cornerback had been offered one by a reporter, so it would have been bad form not to wear it, right?

The thing is, Norman didn’t just put on the mask, enjoy a few laughs and then remove it. No, once it was on, the first-team all-pro kept it on, even after he left the podium.

While still talking to reporters — before the mask showed up — Norman was asked about his Week 15 wrestling match with Odell Beckham Jr., one that resulted in the Giants wide receiver getting a one-game suspension for delivering a helmet-to-helmet hit to his Panthers nemesis. Norman said that he was disappointed that the incident caused a distraction before Carolina suffered its first and only loss of the season thus far, and he also got into it a little bit with NFL Network reporter Deion Sanders.

“I really didn’t agree with what you had going on with Odell and that whole situation,” Norman told Sanders. “… I feel like you took his back on some stuff.”

Norman couldn’t mask his distaste for Beckham, but he showed quite a lighthearted side, as well.