During the first Republican debate in New Hampshire, the candidates spent close to three hours discussing a variety of topics, but the moderators saved a curveball for the very end, a question that involved two battleground states: South Carolina and Colorado. Who, in the candidates’ opinions, will win Sunday’s Super Bowl?

The question was first thrown to John Kasich, who may have been caught off-guard.

Kasich gathered himself and picked the Carolina Panthers. Next up was Jeb Bush, who picked the Denver Broncos with a monotone delivery that would make Peyton Manning nod approvingly.

“Peyton Manning is supporting me and I’m for Denver,” Bush explained.

Fellow Floridian Marco Rubio followed Bush, but quickly pivoted after hearing Bush’s pick.

“Well I was going for Peyton Manning,” said Rubio, “but now I’m rooting for Carolina,” before laughing at his own joke.

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump kept their responses short, with both presidential hopefuls picking Cam Newton’s Panthers.

Not to be outdone in the, um, humor department, Ben Carson started confidently opening with, “With 100 percent certainty I will predict the winner,” but then chuckled his way out of making a pick saying, “it will be either Denver or Carolina.”

And to end the rapid fire segment, Chris Christie picked the Denver Broncos.

Final tally: Four candidates picked the Panthers, two picked the Broncos and Ben Carson went human shrug emoji.