If people sitting in the nosebleeds at Levi’s Stadium thought they had a sky-high view of the Super Bowl, they had nothing on Scott Kelly. The American astronaut enjoyed the Panthers-Broncos game from the comfort(?) of the International Space Station.

Kelly got a day off from his NASA duties — the man is spending a year in space, after all — so the Houston Texans fan was able to sit back and watch the Super Bowl, just like millions of people over 200 miles below him. He even caught a glimpse of the game in person, although only briefly, as he explained.

Meanwhile, NASA’s official Twitter account was going all in on the Super Bowl.

Kelly is almost done with his year in space, having arrived at the space station in March 2015. NASA has contributed to the NFL in more ways than in just celebrating the Super Bowl; football helmet features, such as protective foam and wireless radios, began with space suits.