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CBS’s Mike Carey misses (another) call, gets roasted on Twitter

Panthers’ wide receiver Jerricho Cotchery tries in secure a pass in the first quarter while Broncos’ safety Darian Stewart defends. (Jae C. Hong/Associated Press)

As an ex-NFL referee, CBS on-air review man Mike Carey knows a thing or two about facing criticism after his calls. Well, that’s good, because once again, he got it wrong — this time during a Super Bowl.

Carey faced intense criticism in the AFC championship game after confidently stating that a swing pass by Peyton Manning would be called incomplete. However, after the review, the referees announced that the pass was actually backwards, making it a fumble and the Patriots’ ball.

Since Super Bowl 50 rights belong to CBS, Carey is back in the booth, and after making it through the better part of the first quarter safely, Carolina Panthers’ Coach Ron Rivera’s red coach’s challenge flag hit the ground and Carey was thrust into the national spotlight. Unfortunately for the “zebra in the booth,” his luck did not change this time either.

Carey was analyzing a play in which the referees ruled a pass from Cam Newton to Jerricho Cotchery incomplete.

After taking a look from various angles, Carey ruled the pass to be complete. The refereeing crew thought otherwise, ruling it incomplete, as called — and Twitter reacted accordingly, as the TV review specialist was trending within 10 minutes of the missed call.

Riverboat Ron didn’t hold on to his other challenge flag for long; he won that one. Fortunately for Carey, that means the Panthers coach is out of challenges, and he only has Broncos Coach Gary Kubiak’s two to potentially botch.

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