It’s fair to say that David Letterman, after decades of hard work on television, is entitled to kick back and let himself go a little bit.

But the David Letterman who did a CBS promo before Super Bowl 50 looked as if he might be auditioning for “The Revenant II.”

It was wild. Very, very wild.

Letterman explained his new look and the explanation is the most Letterman thing ever.

“I used to say, every day, ‘I am so sick and tired of shaving.’ I had to shave every day, every day, for 33 years,” he told Brian Schott of the Whitefish Review. “And even before that when I was working on local TV. And I just thought, the first thing I will do when I am not on TV is stop shaving. And everybody hates it. My wife hates it. My son hates it. But it’s interesting. I’ve kind of developed a real creepy look with it that I’m sort of enjoying. And I can tell that people are off-put by it. And the more people implore me to shave, the stronger my resolve is to not shave. So the day that I shave, I’ll call you.”

He clearly hasn’t been inclined to do so.

“And I know, it’s not a good-looking beard. But I don’t even care. I just don’t care,” he said. “And it’s kind of fun—well, I won’t say that it’s fun to walk around irritating people, I think I’ve proved that on TV­—but it’s sort of amusing to see the reactions.”