After Lady Gaga delivered the national anthem before the Super Bowl, people had many questions. Such as, “Wait, Lady Gaga can sing like that?” And, “Exactly how much eyeshadow was she wearing?”

But the biggest question involving her performance was: “Did she hit the over or the under?”

Yes, prop bets have become almost as much a part of Super Bowl Sunday as beer commercials, and one of the most popular asks bettors to guess whether the singer of the anthem will go over or under a given length. For Sunday’s game, that length was set by Bovada, a popular betting outlet, at 2 minutes 20 seconds, longer than most Super Bowl versions have run.

To most observers, Gaga rewarded everyone who bet on the “over,” by extending her version just past the 2:20 mark. But wait! Bovada decided that it would pay off the “under,” based on its interpretation of when Gaga actually ended the anthem.

Super Bowl controversy! The issue turned on the fact that Gaga sang the last two words (“… the brave”) twice. However, not all betting outlets were seeing it the same way.

So it became a matter of which site people had used to make their bets, but Bovada actually was costing itself money with that call, if reports are accurate that so much money came in on “under” that the site moved the betting length from 2:16.5 to 2:20.

Here is Gaga’s rendition of the anthem, so you can decide for yourself when when it actually ended. Or, you know, just so you can enjoy her very solid version.

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