In its short history, Levi’s Stadium has already become known for high concession-stand prices. And now that it’s hosting the Super Bowl, you better believe that those prices have been Super-sized.

But $25 for a glass of wine, really?

Okay, that’s the price for “specialty” wines. If, after spending a fortune just on a ticket, you want to go cheap on your vino, you can opt to plunk down $15 on a lower-grade version, presumably one from a box and surely not produced at any of the fancy vineyards in Northern California.

Or how about just a plain bottle of water? That’ll be $7, thanks. Coors Light? $13.

And, of course, food prices are no different. Hot dogs and French fries start you off at $8 — each — and it goes from there.

As the NFL likes to point out, the Super Bowl has become such a huge event, it’s a celebration of more than just football. Capitalism certainly comes to mind.