Want to see a study in contrasts? Here is Cam Newton talking to reporters on Monday at the Super Bowl Opening Night media event:

And here is the Carolina Panthers quarterback on Sunday night, after his team lost in the Super Bowl, 24-10, to the Denver Broncos:

Yup, Newton, known for his exuberant demeanor, was not a happy camper during his session with reporters after the game. And it didn’t just show in his face — the quarterback offered terse, often monosyllabic, answers before abruptly walking away.

From Beyoncé almost falling, to Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib actually falling, take a look at some of the embarrassing moments from Super Bowl 50. (Thomas Johnson/The Washington Post)

Newton’s sullen post-game performance, while understandable, was not well-received by many observers. Or, to put it another way, he got crushed for it.


Others were a little more sympathetic.

Then there was former NFL player Bill Romanowski, who came to quickly regret his own post-game comment about Newton.

Through Saturday, when Newton won the MVP award after leading the Panthers to 17 wins in their first 18 games, he had few moments that tested his sunny disposition. Newton didn’t handle Sunday’s disappointment as well — or, at least, as professionally — as he could have, but at 26, he can certainly learn from this experience and expect to have many more opportunities in the future to react after big games, win or lose.