Although Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning had a limp final performance, kissed Papa John and shilled Budweiser in his postgame interview, it was still his younger brother and New York Giants quarterback Eli that the Internet took to task.

From Beyoncé almost falling, to Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib actually falling, take a look at some of the embarrassing moments from Super Bowl 50. (Thomas Johnson/The Washington Post)

When the Broncos scored on a C.J. Anderson plunge with three minutes remaining to go up 22-10, CBS put on a shot of the Manning box. Eli, standing in the back, had what Twitter decided was the look of a younger brother whose older brother had just tied him in Super Bowl victories.

TMZ caught up with the younger Manning in the airport Monday, asking him about the solemn look that launched a thousand memes. “I was just focused on whether they would go for two and knew the defense would have to step up and make some stops,” he said.

Coming from a quarterback who’s manufactured a few last-minute comebacks himself, it’s an understandable explanation, if not a convincing one: With the game very much in hand, cracking a smile would not have made a difference.

But, for Eli’s sake, the excuse will do. Besides, even though the disappointed stoic Manning meme was fun, it didn’t seem destined to knock Crying Jordan off its Twitter-dominating pedestal anytime soon.