Cam Newton has faced hot criticism from former players, fans and reporters since his sub-3-minute interview after the Carolina Panthers’ Super Bowl loss, but one high-profile fan and friend hasn’t deserted him.

Stephen Curry, who attended the game and was given the honor of hitting the team’s “Keep Pounding” drum, was able to put himself in Newton’s shoes over the crushing loss.

“It’s got to be a tough feeling, for sure,” Curry said Monday (via the Mercury News). “Anybody could probably say he could handle the situation better, but having not been in his shoes I can’t really say how I would have responded in that moment.”

Curry was disappointed by the outcome of the game — he correctly predicted the final score, but had the wrong team winning — and understood that Newton and the Panthers, who came into the game with only one loss, expected to win.

“I would try to do my best, but I’m sure he would probably say the same thing going into it, not expecting to lose,” Curry said. “It doesn’t change his year and how he played what they were able to accomplish, but that’s just a very, very tough moment that anybody can scrutinize if they want to.”