Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is hearing criticism from every corner over his performance in and after the Super Bowl, but one fan remains squarely in his corner.

When 8-year-old  Stephen Graham, who hails from a suburb of Charlotte, saw Newton frowning in his postgame press conference, he took the time to write the Carolina Panthers a note to cheer him up and, for good measure, he included a “paper trofy.”

“Dear Cam Newton, I’m sorry you lost, but here is a paper trofy,” he wrote (via USA Today HSS).

The site has an interview with the young NFL fan (warning: the audio cuts out several times), but Graham explained his letter succinctly, saying, “Well, I just felt like it would make him a little happier.” He also reasoned that “he’s my friend.”

Given how often Newton sees critical letters to the editor in the Charlotte newspaper, getting this one had to feel good.

“When a friend falls down, Graham said, “the other friend always picks him up.”