Florida’s Alex Petrovic, left, gets into a fight for the third time in the game with Buffalo’s Evander Kane. (AP Photo/Gary Wiepert)

Buffalo Sabres forward Evander Kane did something unusual Tuesday night: He fought the same player, Florida Panthers defenseman Alex Petrovic, three times in the same game. According to Sportsnet Stats, that hadn’t happened since 2002, when noted enforcers Bob Probert and Jody Shelley of the Chicago Blackhawks and the Columbus Blue Jackets pulled off the hat trick.

The 6-2, 204-pound Kane, who has 122 goals and 121 assists in 405 career games, isn’t exactly a goon. He is known as a skilled fighter, though, and he was widely judged to have won all three scraps Tuesday (right, HockeyFights.com?) against the 6-4, 206-pound Petrovic.

Those performances were noted Wednesday by a man who knows a thing or two about duking it out over multiple rounds: Evander Holyfield. The former heavyweight champion tweeted out his approval of Kane’s “right hand,” which, in turn, was met with appreciation by the Sabre.


Holyfield may have been referring to a devastating punch Kane threw in Fight No. 3. Oh, and yes, Kane was named after the boxing great (the pair met several years ago).

Petrovic’s Panthers may have won the war, 7-4, but he was on the losing end of multiple battles. Kane certainly showed that he felt he had taken the first two.

But hey, why take anyone else’s word for it? Judge the three fights for yourself! (If, you know, you’re into that sort of thing.) Incidentally, both Kane and Petrovic were assessed 29 penalty minutes over the course of Tuesday’s contest.