Cam Newton didn’t lose Super Bowl 50 because Denver’s defense batted him all over the field. No, this is why Cam Newton lost the Super Bowl, former NFL coach Jim Fassel said Wednesday during an appearance on Mile High Sports 1340 in Denver:

“All of the numbers pointed to Carolina. And when I saw Cam Newton walk out in gold shoes — ‘MVP’ — I switched my mind, essentially, right then. I said, ‘That’s not what a starting quarterback, MVP, leading his team — and I had a lot of respect for him during the season — that’s not what happens.’ You don’t do that. And I said, ‘This guy’s already become soft,’ and that’s what he was.”

A reminder: Newton didn’t even wear the gold shoes during the game, jettisoning them for regular blue ones before kickoff.

Here is a photo of Fassel wearing a terrible hat in 2005, at left, with former Ravens coach Brian Billick. This hat probably — no, certainly — cost him some wins:

Fassel kept at it during his radio bit, reminding Denver sports-talk-radio listeners that Cam Newton is no John Elway:

And you know what: The ghost of Elway got him, because if you remember John Elway in the Super Bowl [XXXII, against the Packers], when he did the twirly-hoop and three guys hit him in the air when he was diving for the end zone, that’s what you want from a quarterback in the Super Bowl. You don’t want a guy who runs at the ball and then stops and watches everyone else go for it. He was soft. He was expecting, well, ‘They’re gonna lay down and we’re gonna beat ’em.’ That’s not what happened.

Fassel went to one Super Bowl as a head coach, with his New York Giants getting pasted by the Baltimore Ravens, 34-7, because of Fassel’s sweater-vest: