The Los Angeles Rams reportedly are interested in adding some star power in the form of Peyton Manning to their roster and one prominent Los Angeleno thinks that’s a great idea.

On Wednesday night, Magic Johnson had the chance to do his best recruiting spiel when both he and Manning were guests on “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.” In fact, he’s willing to pony up some dough to make it happen.

“I tried to talk somebody out of retirement and come to the Rams,” Johnson said, pointing to Manning. “I said, ‘Man, if you play again, come to the Rams.’ I was working on him backstage. I will even chip in some money.”

Manning sat laughing — and blushing.

“Look, look, look,” Johnson said. “He’s turning a few colors over here.”

“I’m getting embarrassed,” Manning replied.

If Manning plans to retire ahead of his 40th birthday next month, he isn’t tipping his hand. However, the Denver Broncos are not expected to have the quarterback return in 2016 and the Rams, according to a report earlier this month, have had internal discussions about trying to lure Manning to L.A.

“I want to cheer for him if he don’t retire as a Ram,” Johnson later said. “I got my recruiting hat on right now.”

Afterward, Johnson and Manning played a spirited round of Fallon’s feature “Egg Russian Roulette,” with both taking turns smashing eggs against their capacious foreheads. *Spoiler alert* — Manning loses.