Ever wonder what a LeBron James emoji would look like? How about Kobe Bryant? You probably weren’t wondering the same thing about Paul Millsap, but the NBA has you covered there, too.

On Thursday, the league unveiled emojis for every player participating in its all-star game Sunday night in Toronto. The idea is to encourage fans to vote for the game’s MVP, but in the meantime, they’ll surely be put to all sorts of other fun uses.

The NBA made some interesting choices, in terms of the visual representations for each player. Players with obvious nicknames and/or distinctive looks, such as Bryant (“Black Mamba”) and James Harden (beard), were easy, but the league clearly didn’t know quite what to do with Steph Curry.


At first glance, the emojis for Draymond Green and John Wall appear oddly similar, but look again — that’s a definite “Dougie” reference for the Wizards guard. Take that, Colin Cowherd!


TNT’s NBA crew also received the emoji treatment, resulting in humorous results for Charles Barkley (half-eaten doughnut) and Shaquille O’Neal (“Barbecue chicken alert!”). O’Neal is the only one whose emoji won’t be triggered by putting a hashtag before the first and last name (i.e., #KobeBryant) — simply typing #shaq will get you there.

Of course, some folks weren’t satisfied with just what the NBA released Thursday. Why not take some existing emojis and apply them to other players?







Only one question remains regarding the NBA’s ingenuity: Where was this during the DeAndre Jordan emoji war last summer?