Over the years that span the NFL careers of Peyton and Eli Manning, there have been plenty episodes of what internet enthusiasts call Manning face — a look that can range from absolute disgust to an utterly vacant stare, depending on which brother is wearing it.

But somehow, on Sunday, Eli Manning managed to hijack the Super Bowl his brother was winning with a truly epic example of Manning face. As his family was celebrating in a box high in Levi’s Stadium, Eli looked stared trancelike, stunned. On Wednesday night, his big brother explained on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” just what was up with that blank expression.


“Eli and I have always supported each other,” Manning said. “I think Eli’s analyzing the game and kind of into the game like I would be, as if he was playing it. So, he was just as happy. But it’s funny, when I saw that clip, Jimmy, I’ve seen that look before and I recognize it. At some other big moments in my life, he kind of had that similar expression.”

At times like? (Here come the brotherly zingers…)

“I can remember 18 years ago calling the night before the [NFL] draft and saying, ‘Eli, guess what. The Colts are going to draft me No. 1 in the NFL Draft tomorrow.’ ”

And…there’s a jab at Eli’s single-baby births.

“Almost five years ago, Ashley and I are expecting twins. You’re going to be an uncle!”

And…the piece de resistance…

“Guess what. My neck has finally healed. I’m going to play football again.”

Oh, brother.