Tom Brady, left, and Robert Kraft celebrate winning Super Bowl XLIX in 2015. (Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Super Bowl 50 turned into a painful experience for the Carolina Panthers, but it could not have been much fun for the New England Patriots, either. Not only were they forced to consider how it could have been them hoisting the Lombardi Trophy, given their close loss to the eventual champion Denver Broncos in the AFC championship game, but they had to watch Peyton Manning, Tom Brady’s arch-rival, hoist the hardware as confetti rained down.

Clearly, Robert Kraft felt the sting of that sequence. In an interview Wednesday with Boston station WCVB, the Patriots’ owner couldn’t help tweaking not only Manning, but the Broncos quarterback’s family, including brother Eli, the Giants quarterback, and father Archie, a former NFL quarterback in his own right.

“I happened to see Archie there [at the Super Bowl].” Kraft said. “He has two sons now, who have won two Super Bowls [each]. But with all due respect, we got one son — who has won four.”

Elsewhere in the interview with WCVB, Kraft referred to Brady as “the greatest … quarterback of all time.” One would expect to hear that from Brady’s boss, but it also reinforces the notion that Kraft doesn’t want to hear anything about Denver’s win bolstering Manning’s status as the all-time best at that position.

Of the booing that Brady received at Levi’s Stadium when he was introduced during a ceremony before the game, Kraft said, “We didn’t hear it. … I just heard cheers everywhere around me.

“I find out what people [are saying], all this social media chatter,” Kraft continued. “I think there were a lot of Denver fans and Raider fans in the audience, since it was so close [to Oakland].”

Kraft added that he regretted his team’s failure to lock up home-field advantage in the AFC playoffs. Instead, the Patriots had to travel to Denver, which began a two-game stretch that caused all sorts of anguish in New England.