Markieff Morris continued to make headlines for the wrong reasons. (AP Photo/Matt York)

It has been an ugly season for the Phoenix Suns, and the squad had another forgettable moment Wednesday when a shoving match broke out between teammates Markieff Morris and Archie Goodwin during a 112-104 loss to the Golden State Warriors. The incident occurred at the Suns’ bench during a first-quarter timeout, and other Phoenix players had to separate the two, although both stayed in the game.

After the game, Morris downplayed the incident, which reportedly began with him trying to give some constructive advice to Goodwin. “That’s nothing,” Morris told reporters (via Arizona Sports).

“Sometimes little brothers and big brothers get into it,” the 6-10 Morris added. “That’s what happened, wrong place, wrong time. Big brothers shake little brothers up sometimes. It happens.

“No it doesn’t look good but nothing I do looks good,” Morris continued. “It’s between us. We’re a family, always. That’s my little guy.”

Morris actually has a brother, a twin, Marcus, in the NBA, and the two were Suns teammates before Phoenix traded the latter away in the offseason. That resulted in Markieff asking for his own trade, and the oft-disgruntled forward was suspended two games in December for throwing a towel at then-head coach Jeff Hornacek.

The Suns fired Hornacek last week after getting off to a 14-35 start. Interim coach Earl Watson has not been able to turn things around, going 0-4 since taking over, and Wednesday’s scuffle only adds to his team’s woes.

However, Watson also claimed the incident was no big deal. “This team has a lot of passion, we want to fight, we want to win,” he said (via Arizona Sports).

“We have to learn — and we will learn how to continue to grow — and we have to control our emotions. Other than that, those two are really close. The team is not split. Those two are the closest on the team,” Watson added, noting that Morris and Goodwin used to be roommates.

“It happens,” agreed Goodwin. “I love him like a brother, he loves me. That’s all there is to say about it.”

So there you have it, nothing to see here. Except for another eyesore in what has been an increasingly cringe-inducing Suns season.