If you’ve ever watched a boxing match and thought to yourself, “man, this guy is nothing,” then here’s a story for you.

Roy Jones Jr., winner of several world boxing titles in multiple divisions, will fight a fan at a Pay-Per-View event in Phoenix on March 20. Whomever enters the ring with Jones that evening will be lucky enough not to get their face smashed in, but potentially even luckier if declared the victor, to the tune of a cool $100 grand. Anyone can enter to get a shot at the former champ and the cash simply by submitting a video, no longer than 90 seconds, detailing why they can hang with the 47-year-old Jones.

Jones provided his own video plugging the event and if you’re thinking of signing up, watching it might give you second thoughts.

The event, titled “UR Fight,” will feature several former big names from boxing, wrestling and MMA, including Ken Shamrock, Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio and Chael Sonnen. Jones, however, is the only participant who will be taking on a fan.

No word yet on whether any other events in which fans can fight other pro athletes they can’t stand/think they can take out are in the works.

(h/t CBS Sports)