These are heady times for Red Lobster, and not just because it got a heck of a shout-out from Beyoncé. Wide receiver James Jones recently revealed that he went to great lengths to stage his marriage proposal at the seafood chain — and it worked.

“My wife is a big, big fan of Red Lobster,” Jones said Tuesday on ESPN’s “Highly Questionable.” “She, probably like us all, loves the bread there, loves the biscuits. So, I went a day before, gave them the whole set-up, as to how I wanted it.”

Jones, who caught eight touchdowns for the Green Bay Packers last season, said that he put the box with the engagement ring in a basket of biscuits, so that, the next day, the symbol of his commitment could be delivered in secret to their table. Sure enough, after his fiancee “took her gum out of her mouth and was ready to eat all seven biscuits,” she spotted the extra treat while Jones got on one knee.

“She was crying, so I really didn’t have to say too much,” Jones added. At the same time, the hosts of the show were nearly shedding tears themselves — from laughter at the thought of the incongruous spot to create a cherished memory. (But it’s hard to argue with results, right?)

Earlier in the interview, Jones made it clear that, despite earning millions over the course of a nine-year NFL career, he’s never lost sight of his humble roots. The California native talked about being homeless for the first 15 years of his life, which involved sleeping on park benches in between stints at shelters and motels.

Since 2008, Jones has been trying to help youngsters in similarly impoverished situations with his charitable foundation, Love Jones 4 Kids. So there’s little doubt that, by the time he and his fiancee went to that Red Lobster, she already considered him quite the catch.

Here is footage of Jones’s appearance on “Highly Questionable:”