Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, has surveyed the field of Republican presidential hopefuls and isn’t impressed with what he has seen from Ted Cruz, who reminds him of Joe McCarthy.

“I think he is Joe McCarthy reincarnate,” Cuban said on “The Rita Cosby Show,” referring to the former Wisconsin senator who claimed there were large numbers of communists in America during the 1950s — and attempted to list them. “You know, he applies, he lives, he assigns labels to himself and he tries to live up to those labels. He assigns labels [to] the others, you know, and denigrates people who don’t, who aren’t pure in how they are. I just, you know, I keep on waiting for him to say something to the effect, you know, ‘are you or have you ever been a member of some party?’ ”

Cuban objects to Cruz’s efforts to shut down the government, among other things.

“I just think that … he’s not the type of person who will accomplish anything,” Cuban said (transcription via Raw Story). “He’s just obstructionist and he really, you know and Paul Ryan says it best, you know, that the Republican Party needs to go from being obstructionist, to get to be one of propositions rather than opposition. And Ted Cruz embodies pure opposition without proposition.”

As for the front-runner, Donald Trump, Cuban isn’t concerned about some of the controversial things the New York billionaire has said.

“I think, you know Donald has got a side, where he’s not all that self-aware, but he’s self-aware enough that he doesn’t want to go down in history as the worst, the worst president ever,” he said. “So I think. I think he’d adjust to the circumstances. So I don’t think all of his being bombastic and all the screaming and all the rhetoric, I don’t think he’d live up to all that.”