Before the Clippers played the Spurs Thursday, a special moment happened. Blake Griffin, still out with a broken hand he injured while punching a team employee, greeted that man, Matias Testi, at the Los Angeles bench.

Certainly, the Clippers wanted everyone to view this as a special — and heart-warming — moment. The team tweeted out an image of the greeting and applied the hashtag “#Family.”

Griffin was said to have been close to Testi, an assistant equipment manager, and in an emotional apology two days ago, the all-star forward said that Testi had told him, “This stuff happens and we’re like brothers and you just kind of move on.” So it does seem possible that the pair have let bygones be bygones.

However, Internet observers (those rascals!) decided that the Clippers may have been trying too hard to promote the “family” vibe, and that it was likely that some hard feelings still remained. Several Twitter users posted photos and GIFS meant to portray their skeptical and/or appalled reactions to the team’s tweet.

Others posted images that mocked the “#Family” concept. In fact, so many did that the hashtag basically went viral Thursday night.

If that seems like a lot of tweets, just bear in mind that I didn’t even include all the ones that used the “Crying Jordan” meme. All in all, the Internet rendered its verdict on the Clippers’ attempt to foster a “family” kind of feeling: Fail.