New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia. (Chris O’Meara/AP)

Different folks, different strokes.

That was New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia’s response when he revealed how he plans to combat his alcoholism. The 36-year-old told reporters at spring training in Tampa that he intends to spend more off-time around his teammates during the upcoming season, saying he plans on getting back to socializing and playing video games with his fellow Yankees.

The announcement is a bright and hopeful chapter in what has been a rough few years for Sabathia, who voluntarily entered a Connecticut rehabilitation facility in October after publicly admitting to struggling with alcohol abuse since 2012.

While some people struggle to turn down a drink in public, Sabathia’s issue was more private. The left-hander said that he would make time to drink, locking himself in his hotel room in between starts. Per the Wall Street Journal:

“I didn’t have anybody judging me,” Sabathia said Friday. “I could drink as much as I want, whether that was the whole minibar or just one drink.”

Moving forward, Sabathia will try to prevent putting himself in those closed-off situations, saying that he is hoping to get back to the same outgoing ways that he sported when he joined the squad in 2009, according to

“It’s different strokes for different folks I guess,” Sabathia said. “Some people cut that out entirely. I was always — that’s why I think it was so shocking to some of the people that I was always able to do what I wanted, go to concerts or do different things and not pick up a drink. Once I got by myself away, that’s when I would drink. I think it’s easy for me to be out in those social settings, hanging out with my friends, not worried about what they’re doing. It’s more how I feel about it.”

The 15-year MLB veteran is competing for the fifth and final spot in New York’s rotation with Ivan Nova. After posting a 5.27 ERA through August in 2015, Sabathia donned a knee brace for his troublesome right knee and zipped through his final five starts with a mark of 2.17.

Sabathia told the media this would be the last time he addressed his rehab stint or alcoholism this season.