(Courtesy Heritage Auctions)

How much is a ring from Super Bowl I worth?

A little more than $125,000, it turns out. That’s how much the ring owned by Green Bay Packers offensive lineman Jerry Kramer brought at auction over the weekend. While it’s a figure that is far below the top price paid for a Super Bowl ring, it is believed to be the first bit of Packers memorabilia to bring six figures, with the $125,475 price topping the $80,662.50 paid for a Don Hutson game-worn jersey in 2011. The Super Bowl XXV ring owned by Lawrence Taylor brought a record $230,401 in 2012.

The ring was one of more than 50 Kramer items sold during Heritage Auctions’ Platinum Night on Saturday in New York. A jersey worn by Kramer in the first Super Bowl brought $45,410, with the five most valuable items (a 1965 NFL championship ring, a 1962 NFL championship watch and a mid-1960s game-worn jersey along with the Super Bowl I items) bringing $265,290. The total from the sale, which was expected to be around $350,000, is going to an educational trust fund for Kramer’s grandchildren.

“My [six] kids have got enough stuff around the house that they wanted and had a piece of,” Kramer told the Green Bay Press-Gazette last month. “We don’t have a Packers room or Packers spot. … it just doesn’t make a hell of a lot of sense to have that stuff. It was just an opportunity to kind of tidy things up, clean out the garage and maybe establish something for the grandkids.”

The ring is one of two Super Bowl rings Kramer has, but he won’t be parting with the one from Super Bowl II or the one from his first title, the 1961 NFL championship. Both of those are too dear.