So, Roy Williams, what do you think of Doug Gottlieb’s speculation that you are going to retire as North Carolina’s basketball coach after the season.

Gottlieb made his comments on CBS’s pregame show before the Tar Heels’ win over Miami on Saturday. He clarified that he was merely speculating about Williams’s future and didn’t have any sources telling him that Williams planned to retire.

Williams made a dig about Gottlieb wearing his shorts backwards during a 1999 game between Kansas and Oklahoma State. Here’s what he was talking about:

Williams’s rant brought back memories of his 2003 interview with Bonnie Bernstein of CBS Sports. Immediately after Kansas’s loss to Syracuse in the NCAA tournament title game, Berstein asked Williams about his level of interest in the opening at North Carolina. Williams responded with a profanity, saying he didn’t care about the Tar Heels job.

He left for Chapel Hill less than two months later.