Far from the confident reporter people see on TV, Erin Andrews has become a “depressed” person who is “afraid of people,” her father told a Nashville courtroom Wednesday. His testimony was part of a $75 million lawsuit against the hotel that she says made it far too easy for a man, also named in the suit, to film her changing in her room eight years ago, as well as the hotel’s parent group.

Michael David Barrett was sentenced to 30 months in jail for surreptitiously shooting video of a nude Andrews at the Nashville Marriott in 2008 and posting it online. Her attorneys are alleging that Barrett was told of her room number and allowed to book his own room next to it, enabling his plan to rig a camera to film her through a peephole.

On Wednesday, Steven Andrews described his daughter as having been a fun-loving, happy person, albeit one with lingering body issues after growing up unusually tall and skinny. But the invasion of privacy and the humiliation she has suffered since the video was made public in 2009 — and subsequently viewed by millions, even to this day — caused the then-ESPN reporter’s personality to darken.

“She’s afraid [now],” Steven Andrews told the jury (via the Associated Press). “She’s afraid of crowds, afraid of people. She doesn’t trust anymore.”

“She’s mad,” he added (via The Tennessean). “She’s scared. She’s terrified. She’s depressed. She cries. She’s full of anxiety. She’s a very, very changed person. She’s not the girl that we used to know at all.”

Both Andrews, who now works for Fox Sports and ABC, and her father became emotional at various points during his testimony, according to reports. He denied that the video was actually part of a ploy by Andrews to gain greater publicity, and he said that she had vomited when shown the footage by the FBI.

“Let me tell you something,” Steven Andrews said, “Erin Andrews didn’t need more attention, and she certainly didn’t want attention like that.” He added, “This was about the worst thing that could have happened to her from the perspective of self-pride, comfort in the way you look.”

Barrett had also admitted to making secret recordings of Andrews in hotels in Columbus, Ohio, and Milwaukee. The trial is expected to last two weeks.