Brewers outfielder Brett Phillips thought photo day was a hoot, apparently. (Image via Twitter @321cuekevin)

Some things in life are funny enough to make you red in the face. Some are even funny enough to make you fall over. But for Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Brett Phillips, his inability to control his laughter freezes him in place.

Phillips, who is ranked by Baseball America as the 57th-best prospect in the sport, was having his picture taken during the Brewers photo day when his teammates used his laugh for their own personal enjoy — and thus, the Internet’s, too. Standing behind the photographer, teammates laughed and yelled at Phillips until he froze himself in laughter — which according to reports sounds like it belongs in “Jurassic Park” — while unintentionally doing his best Fire Marshall Bill impression.

Phillips’ hysterical laughter has been a lifelong trademark, apparently, and it’s something his teammates take great joy in evoking.

“What have they been doing? What haven’t they been doing is the question,” Phillips told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal. “It’s every single day, ‘How can we get Phillips to laugh?’ ”

On Friday, Phillips eventually contained himself long enough to take a usable photo.

“The guys got me to laugh and it was a disaster because once I start laughing I can’t stop,” Phillips said. “Everyone else is serious. I think I’m smiling in every photo.”

This is about as serious as Brett Phillips gets when posing for a photo. (Morry Gash/AP Photo)

Brewers pitcher Jeremy Jeffress also had fun with a photo shoot on Thursday, riding a hoverboard in a Superman costume.

While the smiling mug of Phillips was allowed, the Brewers organization likely did not let the official photos be taken in the Man of Steel get-up.