San Francisco Giants right fielder Hunter Pence guest stars in an episode of “Fuller House,” which was released Friday on Netflix. (Matt Kartozian/USA Today Sports)

San Francisco Giants right fielder Hunter Pence has racked up plenty of accolades in his nearly decade-long stint in MLB. But the three-time all-star and two-time World Series champion can add a new title to his resume: “Stephanie Tanner’s boyfriend.”

Pence plays himself in an episode of “Fuller House,” a Netflix spinoff of the widely-popular “Full House” sitcom that ran from 1987-1995. The episode, the 10th in the premiere season, which was released en masse Friday, is titled “A Giant Leap” and features Pence. The cast filmed part of the episode at AT&T Park last October.

If you’re not into spoilers don’t read past this point.

According to, Pence is in a deep slump after dating Stephanie. He invites the family to a game and Stephanie gets booed when she sings “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.” Stephanie cries and breaks up with Pence and gets kicked out of the stadium. (How rude!) Pence then breaks his slump with a game-winning home run.

Even if you’re not into the show, the spoof video the Giants put out last summer called “Fuller Clubhouse” is hilarious and worth a watch.