(Image via Facebook)

There are many things Tom Brady seems to enjoy. Winning division titles and Super Bowls probably rank among the top. Puppies and “The Lion King” are likely on that list, too — at least according to the Patriots quarterback’s latest Facebook antics.

Sporting a red Under Armour shirt (he has to get his sponsorship props in while he can), Brady can be seen raising a puppy named Fluffy into the air while “Circle of Life” plays. Fluffy, meanwhile, looks terrified and unsure of what to do with his paws; the other dogs appear to have no interest in what is going on.

Everything the light touches, Fluffy…

Posted by Tom Brady on Thursday, February 25, 2016

Brady actually combined two scenes from “The Lion King.” His Facebook caption references an early scene where Mufasa tells Simba “Everything the light touches is our kingdom.” The actions Brady recreated with Fluffy are, of course, from Simba’s presentation to the animal kingdom in the opening scene.

Hakuna matata, Tom. Hakuna matata.