Well, he’s not playing tennis right now, so … (Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

Sunday night was more about movies than sports, given the telecast of the 88th Academy Awards. But some star athletes still managed to turn in noteworthy performances, none more so than Roger Federer.

Making an appearance on the famous red carpet before the awards show, Federer was smartly attired as usual, this time in a tuxedo. But the Swiss icon stepped out of character just a bit by downing a shot of tequila.

Taken like a man … who doesn’t do a lot of tequila shots. Of course, that would be expected from a 17-time Grand Slam event winner, and it makes sense that he would do so only with some prodding from Guillermo Rodriguez of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

It also probably helps that Federer is out of action for the time being with a knee injury, meaning that he can afford to cut loose a bit. Still, that was a pretty boss move from the normally reserved tennis star, a guy who once claimed that if he were a pizza topping, he’d be “Swiss cheese.”

Also making a memorable appearance on the red carpet was Aaron Rodgers, who, of course, was accompanying his actress girlfriend, Olivia Munn. When he wasn’t wandering aimlessly, the Packers quarterback took the opportunity to expertly video bomb Common.

Rodgers also got off a fantastic line.

However, the Oscar for best sports star on the red carpet definitely goes to Federer. Guess it just wasn’t Rodgers’s year.