(Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Sirius)

Last week, lawyers for Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo filed an addendum to their lawsuit against the NFL, which shut down Romo’s National Fantasy Football Convention last year because it was slated to be held at a Las Vegas casino hotel, a supposed violation of the league’s gambling policy. Why, they asked, did the NFL halt Romo’s convention while allowing Rob Gronkowski’s recent party cruise, which was held on a boat with a casino?

And now, according to Brian New of CBS 11 in Dallas, the league apparently will ask the same question, probably because it could not win its case against Romo if it didn’t.

However, an NFL spokesman tells the Boston Globe’s Ben Volin that the league isn’t investigating the Gronk cruise:

A judge in Dallas threw out part of Romo’s lawsuit against the NFL on Monday, though it will continue to move forward. Nevertheless, Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio — a lawyer in his past life — called the news “a major setback” to Romo’s case.

Romo is asking for $1 million in damages, saying the NFL forced the cancellation of the event after a number of players agreed to attend.