Marshawn Lynch may be retired, but he’s still hanging out with NFL players. The former Seattle Seahawks running back has joined the likes of DeAngelo Williams, Gary Barnidge and Jordan Cameron on a trip to Egypt organized by American Football Without Barriers.

And what do visitors to Egypt do? Go to the pyramids, of course, preferably on camelback. And what does Lynch do in that situation? Rap about “ghost riding the camel,” of course.

Sounds like Lynch is having a good time, even if he’s stretching the commonly understood definition of “ghost riding.” That would be putting a moving car in neutral, then dancing alongside or on top of it, but on the other hand, Lynch is technically on top of his “vehicle,” so close enough.

If any of this sounds vaguely familiar, it may be because the first time many people heard of him was after his Cal Bears won an overtime game against the Washington Huskies in 2006. Lynch commandeered an injury cart and rode it around the field, again doing a highly modified form of ghost riding.

In addition to seeing the sights, the man known as “Beast Mode” is doing some good in Egypt, as AFWB’s stated mission is “to provide at-risk and disadvantaged youth with opportunities that promote health and education.” The group was formed by Barnidge, who just enjoyed a breakout season with the Cleveland Browns, and Breno Giacomini, a member of the New York Jets and, before that, a teammate of Lynch’s in Seattle.

Some other wacky high jinks by the pyramids included Barnidge pulling an AFC North prank on Williams. Meanwhile, Cameron’s brother helped get him ready for the upcoming season.

Last year, the group went to Turkey, providing Lynch with an opportunity to show how real he keeps it on a visit to the home of the U.S. Consulate General. Can you spot him in the photo below?

Getting back to ghost riding (by the way, do not try ghost riding at home. People have reportedly died.), here’s a video on the subject by Mistah FAB, a native of the Bay Area, as is Lynch. Here’s hoping no people, or camels, were harmed in the making of the video.