TV personality Erin Andrews’s lawsuit against the owners of a Nashville hotel and the man who secretly took nude videos of her  continued Tuesday with this rather ghoulish assertion from the defense team.

To clarify Pope’s tweet, Andrews originally included Marriott International in her $75 million lawsuit, but a Tennessee judge dismissed her claim against the hotel company in January, saying it was not responsible for security at a franchisee (in this case the Nashville Marriott at Vanderbilt University). Andrews is now seeking damages from Michael David Barrett — the man who recorded the videos — the hotel’s management and Windsor Capital Group, the hotel’s parent company.

Marc Dedman, one of the attorneys for the defense, pressed Andrews on the subject of whether her career was negatively affected by the video.

Andrews, then working for ESPN, was in Nashville for a Vanderbilt football game in 2008 when, using a peephole camera, Barrett recorded the videos and put them on the Internet. Barrett pleaded guilty to felony stalking in 2009 and was sentenced to 30 months in prison. Andrews alleges that the hotel divulged her room information to Barrett and gave him a room next to hers.

Andrews has given tearful testimony throughout the trial, on Tuesday saying she doesn’t think she’ll ever get over the emotional distress caused by the incident, according to the Associated Press. She told the court that she now asks to change rooms as soon as she checks into a hotel, refuses to let anyone inside the room and sweeps the room for cameras or “booby traps.”

On Monday, Andrews testified that ESPN forced her to do an interview in which she denied using the nude videos as a publicity stunt.

Lawyers for the hotel and its parent company assert that Barrett alone is to blame for the incident.