Shortly after the Packers’ season ended, Coach Mike McCarthy said of Eddie Lacy that, “he cannot play at the weight that he played at this year.” It looks like the Green Bay running back may be well on his way to pleasing his coach, not to mention lowering his waist size.

McCarthy’s admonishment came in early February, and just one month later, a trainer associated with P90X founder Tony Horton posted a photo that showed what appeared to be a noticeably leaner Lacy. The Facebook post containing the photo was subsequently made unavailable, but not before the Internet got a hold of it, all the better to wonder how much weight Lacy has already lost.

For comparison, here is a photo of Lacy walking off the field after the Packers’ season-ending playoff loss to the Cardinals in mid-January. During that game, Lacy broke off a 61-yard jaunt that many felt should have ended in a touchdown, if not for the fact that he started running out of gas well before he reached the end zone.

GLENDALE, AZ - JANUARY 16: Running back Eddie Lacy #27 and defensive end outside linebacker Mike Neal #96 of the Green Bay Packers walk off the field after losing in overtime to the Arizona Cardinals 26-20 in the NFC Divisional Playoff Game at University of Phoenix Stadium on January 16, 2016 in Glendale, Arizona. (Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images)

Lacy was listed during the season as weighing 234 pounds, at five-foot-11, but the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel speculated that the 25-year-old back was “at least 25 pounds heavier than that.” To make matters worse, or at least more embarrassing for Lacy, people started digging up old tweets of his that seemed to reflect a fixation on food.

Maybe that was unfair, but the proof of Lacy’s apparently un-health conscious lifestyle did seem to be very much in the pudding. At the recent NFL scouting combine, though, McCarthy confirmed that Lacy had been working with Horton, and whatever he’s doing, it seems to be working.

“I think we’ll see definitely a different guy in April, and more importantly in July,” McCarthy said. To his credit, Lacy already looks like a different guy, and we’re barely into March.