Adam Schefter was not amused. (Stephen Brashear/Invision for Courtyard/AP Images)

Wednesday brought us another Great Moment in Trolling History. A sports blogger rigged his Twitter account to impersonate that of Fox Sports reporter Jay Glazer, and was successful in getting ESPN to announce a non-existent free-agent signing.

After “NFL Live” host Trey Wingo told an ESPN audience frothing at the mouth for the latest news that Miami Dolphins defensive end Olivier Vernon was going to the Jacksonville Jaguars, it fell to Glazer rival Adam Schefter to reveal that his network had been had. Vernon eventually wound up signing with the New York Giants.

As the above tweet indicates, the hoax was perpetrated by a Twitter user called @UncleChaps. For the tweet below, he had temporarily changed his avatar and name to match Glazer’s, but his user name remained the same, which should have tipped ESPN off that it wasn’t the actual Fox Sports reporter, especially since Uncle Chaps had pulled this sort of stunt before.

For his part, Glazer, who has complained in the past about not getting acknowledged by ESPN for his scoops, expressed amusement at the episode.

Even Tony Khan, the son of Jaguars owner Shahid Khan and a team executive in charge of “Football Technology & Analytics,” got involved.

Eventually, Mr. Chaps (as the the New York Times would render it), a former contributor to a Jaguars fan blog, issued a sorry-not-sorry apology. All that was left was to trot out “Crying Jordan,” and the troll job was complete.