He’s even appeared on her TV show. (Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

The U.S. has a Supreme Court problem, given the death of Justice Antonin Scalia and the GOP’s hesitance to let President Obama pick his successor. Well, Jim Harbaugh has a solution: Obama should nominate Judge Judy!

The Michigan coach is likely only half-joking, if at all. He is well known to be a massive fan of the daytime TV star, who retired from being an actual family court judge in 1996.

In March 2015, Harbaugh tweeted out congratulations to Shiendlin for a contract extension. That earned a friendly response from her, which sent the then-51-year-old coach into an what appeared a rapturous state of joy.

Prior to that exchange, Harbaugh and his father actually attended a taping of a 2013 “Judge Judy” episode. Naturally, the former NFL quarterback, who was coaching the 49ers at the time, was able to procure front row seats.

In fact, Wednesday didn’t even mark the first time that Harbaugh has suggested that Sheindlin be elevated to the highest court in the land. Here’s what he had to say to Fox Sports last year:

“I love Judge Judy,” Harbaugh said. “We have some great Supreme Court members, tremendous Supreme Court currently that we have, but I’d love to see Judge Judy on the Supreme Court. I just love everything about her.” …

“She’s much smarter than me, let me tell you that,” he added. “And she’s a much better gin player. I’d hate to be compared to Judge Judy.”

Yes, apparently Harbaugh has also played cards with Sheindlin. No indication if they played poker as well as gin, but if so, Sheindlin was probably able to read the coach every time he got a big hand — he’s clearly not the type to hide his excitement.

So… ball’s in your, ahem, court, Obama.

Oh, hang on — Judge Judy recently said that she was “crazy about Donald [Trump]”? Okay, her Supreme Court nomination may have to wait until after the presidential election.