It’s Selection Sunday, when fans of good teams rest easy, fans of bad teams don’t care and fans of slightly-better-than-middling teams are sweating. This post is for that last group, who have been waiting for days to see if their not great/not horrible teams get off the bubble and into the NCAA tournament.

Among the most-mentioned teams on such lists is Syracuse, whose fans are all like:

Let’s get to it. Here’s what the experts are saying about the last four in and the first four out (as of around 2:30 p.m. EDT Sunday).

Patrick Stevens, The Washington Post

Last four in: San Diego State, Oregon State, Pittsburgh, Syracuse

First four out: South Carolina, Tulsa, Michigan, Vanderbilt


Joe Lunardi, ESPN

Last four in: Temple, Michigan, San Diego State, Saint Mary’s

First four out:  Monmouth, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Syracuse


Jerry Palm, CBS Sports

Last four in: Monmouth, Syracuse, Wichita State, Temple

First four out: Vanderbilt, San Diego State, Saint Mary’s, George Washington

Michael Beller, Sports Illustrated

Last four in: Michigan, Syracuse, Vanderbilt, St. Bonaventure

First four out: Monmouth, Tulsa, South Carolina, San Diego State

Last four in: Saint Mary’s, Temple, Michigan, San Diego State

First four out: Monmouth, South Carolina, Syracuse, Vanderbilt

Andy Bottoms, Assembly Call (the No. 1 bracketologist in Bracket Matrix’s rankings)

Last four in: Monmouth, Saint Mary’s, Temple, South Carolina

First four out: Syracuse, Michigan, San Diego State, Vanderbilt

1-3-1 Sports (the No. 2 bracketologist, per Bracket Matrix)

Last four in: St. Bonaventure, Saint Mary’s, Michigan, Temple

First four out: Monmouth, Vanderbilt, Syracuse, Tulsa