Monday brought some major news in the world of MMA: Ronda Rousey bit into an apple. And she didn’t take a small bite, either, but chomped down on the fruit with reckless abandon.

It was a symbolic victory for Rousey, who had this to say in December, after getting battered by Holly Holm at UFC 193: “It might be three to six months before I can eat an apple, let alone take an impact.”

That upset loss, the first of Rousey’s MMA career, was arguably even more painful for her psyche than it was for her face. Immediately after the fight, Rousey later told the “Ellen” show, she thought about “killing” herself.

However, the physical damage that Rousey suffered against Holm was very real as well. The deposed bantamweight champion was given a medical suspension by the UFC of up to six months, and Dana White, the company’s president, said he “brought in the best plastic surgeon from Australia,” where UFC 193 was held, to fix the fighter’s busted lip.

In Monday’s video, Rousey said, “I’m biting apples again — I’m pretty excited about this.” Now the question becomes: When will she actually fight again?

White would love for her to be able to get back into the Octagon by July, when his company is set to turn UFC 200 into a major showcase at a brand new Las Vegas arena. However, one reason that he acceded to Holm’s desire for a title defense sooner than that — one that she came to regret when Miesha Tate choked her out at UFC 196 — was that Rousey indicated that she wouldn’t be ready until later in the year, partly because of movie-role obligations.

That sets up another question: When (or if) Rousey gets back in the Octagon, against whom will she fight? White had been licking his chops over the prospect of a rematch with Holm, one that he said in February would be “the biggest fight ever in UFC history,” but Tate’s victory probably put that event on hold.

For her part, Tate might not want to wait around forever for Rousey to return, either, and Holm has been clamoring for a rematch of her own with the new bantamweight champ. That said, Rousey-Tate 3 (Rousey has won the first two battles between the fighters, including one that took place before they joined the UFC) is most likely the next blockbuster event in that division, and White, not to mention almost all MMA fans, has to be delighted that his company’s biggest female star appears to be sinking her teeth into the prospect of making it happen.