Oh, Cleveland sports fans. The hits just keep coming, don’t they? At least this story doesn’t involve Johnny Manziel.

So a Cleveland TV station, possibly acting on a teary-eyed tip, tried simply uttering the word “sadness” to Siri, the disembodied, quasi-omniscient voice that helps iPhone users. What Siri responded with was FirstEnergy Stadium — home of the Browns.

In the name of rigorous science, others in Cleveland tried the same thing, with similar results.

There’s a good chance that, as some speculated, Siri was basing its answer on a 2011 YouTube video that has been viewed almost two million times. In it, a Browns fan/local comedian named Mike Polk Jr. stands outside the stadium and vents his many frustrations, ending his rant with the immortal phrase, “You are a factory of sadness!” (Warning: profanity.)

So there seems to be a perfectly plausible explanation for Siri’s answer. An explanation rooted in a whole lot of sadness.