Seb Bellin, a former basketball player who played in the United States at Oakland University in Michigan, was injured in the terrorist bombing at the Brussels Airport, his former college coach said Tuesday.

Bellin now works for Keemotion, a company that automates filming of games, and was in the check-in line for his flight to the U.S. when the bomb exploded, sending shrapnel into his legs and hips.

“I knew he was flying into New York today because we had a call set up for Friday to discuss a player. He had just been dropped off at the airport and was at check-in when the bomb went off. He was about 100 meters from the explosion,” Greg Kampe told The Washington Post by phone Tuesday afternoon.

“He has had one surgery and they said they got all the shrapnel out of his lower legs. He’s supposed to have another one to get the rest out of his hips.”

The Belgian pro basketball team BC Telenet Oostende tweeted a photo Tuesday of what it said was an injured Bellin, with the caption (translated): “We wish our former player Sebastien Bellin … much strength and a speedy recovery.”

Kampe expressed surprise at the media inquiries he’d received since tweeting about Bellin. “I just wanted our fan base to reach out and to pray for Seb,” he said.

Bellin played at the suburban Detroit college from 1998-2001, completed his degree and left to play professionally in Europe before his senior season. A Belgian national, he has a home in Western Michigan, where his wife and two children live, and travels back and forth to Europe for business. Although Bellin’s wife is presently in Michigan, Kampe said he was told that she had spoken with him.

“He’s one of those guys who has stayed close to the program here over the years,” Kampe said. “He will come in and work out with the team sometimes. He’s a fine young man who has done very well for himself in life.”