Box lacrosse has often been compared to hockey, but it’s been a while since an NHL goalie laid this kind of a hit on an opponent. In a National Lacrosse League game Saturday, Alex Buque of the Colorado Mammoth came out from his net and absolutely obliterated Karen Leung of the Calgary Roughnecks.

That was, indeed, a Mammoth shot. Buque is listed at 230 pounds, on a 5-10 frame, plus the ludicrously sized gear he’s wearing adds to his bulk, so that’s a lot of goalie to come crashing down on poor Leung.

Buque helped his team in other ways, as well, coming on in relief after Colorado’s starting goalie had given up 10 goals and helping the Mammoth get a 13-12 win in overtime. Meanwhile, the Roughnecks were not happy about the huge hit.

“Absolutely dirty,” Calgary Coach Curt Malawsky said after the game (via the Calgary Herald), adding Leung was fine. “I think he should get a match penalty and get suspended. I think he should have had a match penalty right then and there. We’re lucky Karsen’s not in an ambulance right now, laid out. It was dirty. [Leung] was in a vulnerable position and he ran from the crease and took about 15, 20 steps and just drilled him.”

“It was just atrocious,” Roughnecks forward Jeff Shattler said. “I’ve never seen anything like that in the game of lacrosse.

“He didn’t even know he was coming and that’s been a rule in this league ever since I can remember,” Shattler continued (via the Herald). “A goalie cannot come out and charge a guy on a breakaway pass. He could have ended his career, basically. I think it was disgusting that the refs let that go.”

For his part, Mammoth Coach Dan Stroup described Buque’s hit as “big momentum.” Stroup noted (via Mile High Sports), “The crowd obviously got into it!”