He believes he can fly, and with good reason. (Phelan M. Ebenhack/Associated Press)

Aaron Gordon is still trying to prove he is the true king of throwdowns. About six weeks after he lost an epic NBA slam-dunk contest to Minnesota’s Zach LaVine — one that many thought should have gone to the Orlando forward — Gordon put on a clinic Tuesday against the Brooklyn Nets.

As fate would have it, the most eye-popping of Gordon’s jams was one in which he took off from a step inside the free-throw line — bringing to mind the version of the dunk LaVine broke out a few times en route the title in February. But back then, of course, both players had the court to themselves and whoever they enlisted to help out.

On Tuesday, Gordon put on his show during a real, live NBA game. Well, one against the exceedingly lowly Nets, who fell to 21-53 in a blowout loss, but still, the presence (if only theoretical) of actual defenders made this dunk all the more impressive:

Remember Gordon’s ridiculous dunk over the Magic’s mascot during the contest? This time, he settled for teammate Elfrid Payton.

Later, Payton again proved quite the supporting cast member, tossing an alley-oop pass that Gordon handled with authority.

All told, Gordon had a very efficient 20 points on 9-of-11 shooting — ah, the power of high-percentage shots — and no one was going to challenge him for best dunker on this night. And since, we’re talking about it, let’s revisit that ridiculous jam from February, shall we?