Stephen Curry had a message for Craig Sager on Tuesday night. (Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

There’s a new category in which Stephen Curry leads the NBA: perspective.

The reigning NBA MVP joined TNT’s Craig Sager after Golden State won its 36th game at home Tuesday night and the talk quickly turned from hoops to health. Sager is working as he battles leukemia that has returned. Credit Curry with realizing that a basketball game doesn’t quite compare to what Sager is dealing with. He chose to focus on that rather than address Sager’s question about whether he needed a rest.

“Seein’ you and doin’ what you’re doin,’ we’ve got no excuses. You’re an inspiration for us to just keep doin’ what we’re doin,’ keep fightin’. That’s the mentality that we have and it’s kind of contagious, so thank you.”

The Warriors’ season is now a bit on auto pilot, with the playoffs approaching and the team racking up wins in pursuit of the Chicago Bulls’ 72-victory record. They reached No. 67 on Tuesday night.

It was nice that Curry preferred to talk about Sager, who was a big part of the story at Oracle Arena.

Last week, it was reported that doctors had said he had three-to-six months to live, a prognosis that Sager took issue with again Tuesday night.

“I think my demise has been prematurely reported,” Sager said. “I think I’m going to kick this and make medical history and I really believe that.”