Atlanta Falcons linebacker Sean Weatherspoon. (AP Photo/Mike Roemer, File)

Atlanta Falcons linebacker Sean Weatherspoon has moved both away from and back into Atlanta all in the past year, so it’s understandable that one or two things might get lost in the process. It just so happens that, in this case, that includes a six-figure check.

Weatherspoon played for the Atlanta Falcons for five years after the team drafted him No. 19 overall before heading to Arizona in 2015. After not getting as many snaps as he would have liked, he opted to return to Atlanta and has a one-year stint starting this upcoming season. He revealed on Twitter that while he was with his significant other Tuesday, she uncovered something that must have been lost in all the moving about — a game check.

Weatherspoon never says when or who the check was from, so it could very well be a six-year old check.

Using Sportrac, Bleacher Report wrote that a weekly game check for Weatherspoon would come out to roughly $138,235 — not exactly dirty pennies under the couch. Moving can be a fairly strenuous process, so the surprise, or overdue, six-figure payday seems to be a nice congratulatory bookend.

The most common response to Weatherspoon’s situation has been something along the lines of: “Who doesn’t use direct deposit?” As it turns out, being handed physical checks is not the norm in the NFL. When’s Nubyjas Wilborn poked Weatherspoon about the newfound money on Twitter, the Falcons linebacker revealed that it was the sole time he had been paid with a physical check all season.

Weatherspoon is currently a backup weakside linebacker for the Falcons and will likely compete for a starting role.