Two coaches = one loss. (Ken Blaze/USA Today)

If it looks like a coach, walks like a coach, interacts with players like a coach and squawks from the sideline like a coach, it must be a coach, right?

Tyronn Lue may be listed as coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers, but there was his star player, LeBron James, sitting out Tuesday night’s game and looking for all the world like…the coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers. He worked beside Lue, he worked over Lue, he worked around Lue.

You get the picture. (So did everyone else.)

If LeBron was interested in putting aside whispers that he had gotten Lue’s predecessor fired and that things aren’t going well in Cleveland, this wasn’t the way to go about it.

Kinda makes you wonder who decided to have him sit this game out. “Hey, Tyronn, I need a night off to coach the fellas.” Remember when he overruled poor David Blatt and took a game-winning shot last year? Yeah, Tyronn Lue does, too.

Too bad James opted to coach instead of play. The Cavs blew a 20-point lead and lost to the Houston Rockets.