Syracuse Orangemen forward Carmelo Anthony (L) looks at coach Jim Boeheim during a news conference in New Orleans, April 6, 2003. The Orangemen will play the Kansas Jayhawks in the NCAA Men's Final Four final basketball game on April 7. REUTERS/Ray Stubblebine (2003 photo by Ray Stubblebine/Reuters)

To: Carmelo Anthony.

From: A Syracuse fan.*

Subject: Guaranteeing Final Four victories.

Hi Carmelo. Just saw your comments about Syracuse’s upcoming Final Four game against top-seeded North Carolina in the New York Post:

“We’re going to beat them,’’ the Knicks star said late Wednesday night after an 91-89 loss at Dallas. “Guarantee? Yeah. We’re the underdogs for sure. You can’t just win off momentum. You got to go out and play the game. It’s not going to be a walk in the park, but I feel we’re going to get them. I have a feeling.’’

Now we’re all grateful for what you did in 2003, leading Syracuse to its only national title. And you’ve donated a metric ton of money to the program so it could build a swanky basketball facility. You clearly love the school you spent eight or so months enriching, er, attending.

We all want Syracuse to win Saturday night, but do you really need to be out there predicting victories over heavily favored teams? This has worked exactly once, and last time I checked you play for the Knicks and not the Jets.

Anyway, something to keep in mind.

Thanks and Go Orange!


*NOTE: Those of you who are paying attention to this here Internet concern — all five of you — perhaps know me as Matt Bonesteel, fan of your NIT champion George Washington Colonials. I wrote some stuff on the Bog about that. So you might be wondering why I’m calling myself “a Syracuse fan” here. Or maybe you’re not. No worries. In any case, I grew up just outside Syracuse before heading to college at GW. Had season tickets to both football and basketball. Hate Georgetown and love Wegmans. I’m a fan of both Syracuse and GW. It’s allowable. This has been a good couple of weeks.