Ugh, it’s April Fools’ Day. Please click on the following interstitial link for a summary of everyone’s feelings on the matter.

But acknowledge it, we must. So here’s a list of fake April Fools’ Day stories that your mom probably forwarded to you, plus assorted pranks played by famous people on other famous people.

(Yes, I’m stealing the idea for this post from the Intersect. What are they gonna do, sue me? Go ahead and try it, Intersect.)

April Fool’s Day pranks are bad enough. This one from the Cauldron is a #longread so you’re not going to get past the first 506 inches.


Saturday Down South doesn’t even get to the end of the first paragraph before tiring of this one.


No, Florida State and the University of Florida aren’t merging

No, Le’Veon Bell isn’t leaving the Steelers

No, Angels pitcher Garrett Richards, this weird marriage-proposal situation isn’t real (but the host of this video’s incessant gesturing certainly is).

No, Festus Ezeli, you haven’t been cut from the Warriors.

Yes, Old Hoss Radbourn remains a national treasure.