Detroit Lions outside linebacker DeAndre Levy tackles Packers running back Eddie Lacy. (Rick Osentoski/AP)

Detroit Lions linebacker DeAndre Levy’s hips have plagued him for the past nine months, but as of Friday afternoon, they looked to be working better than ever.

Levy, a two-time team defensive MVP and one of the league’s most explosive outside linebackers, suffered a hip injury in a preseason practice and missed the first four games of the 2015 season. When game No. 5 came around against the Arizona Cardinals, Levy did not last more than a half before re-injuring the hip. After the game, Levy, one of the best players at his position, was placed on injured reserve by the Lions.

He spoke with ESPN about his rehab back in December. He told Michael Rothstein that he felt the Lions made the right decision by placing him on the injured reserve, as even then, his hip was still a risk to re-injure.

“Like running right now and cutting and planting and trying to tackle, it might still be a little bit of a risk of re-hurting, so shutting it down was the best thing long term.”

But the Lions linebacker continued with the rehab, and by February, reports were coming out that Levy would definitely be ready to go for training camp. While it’s nowhere near as taxing as full-contact football, Levy’s latest Instagram post shows that the explosive athletic ability that has helped define his role in Detroit’s linebackers core.

Under the video, Levy wrote that he got into a “sudden death jump off” on his first day of box training, leading to the following slow-motion video in which the 29-year old hops cleanly on top of a 57″ box.

Levy made headlines earlier this week for penning a pair of emails that appeared in the Detroit Free Press March 30. In the messages, Levy discussed his new thoughts and fears about the possibility of developing CTE. He also criticized the league for not proving itself worthy of the players’s trust when it came to discussing the possibility of a connection.

He is expected to return to the Lions’ starting rotation for the upcoming season.