Will Nick Young be wearing a Lakers uniform next season? (Jae C. Hong/AP)

In the aftermath of the D’Angelo Russell-Nick Young video scandal, the Los Angeles Lakers are expected to attempt to trade Nick Young. Who, you may ask, would be interested in the 30-year-old shooting guard’s services?

Per the Los Angeles Times’ Mike Bresnahan:

“The Lakers tried to trade Young, 30, each of the last two seasons as his production dropped. There were no takers. They will likely try to find a home for him again this off-season, which won’t be easy with a player who didn’t even get off the bench in eight games last month.”

At his best, Young’s a high-volume if inefficient scorer whose occasional SportsCenter highlight can trick a fan base into thinking he’s an effective basketball player. At his worst, he’s a high-volume inefficient scorer, but in fewer minutes, with fewer basketball-related highlights. But just as important as his 9.1 PER, is his price. Young doesn’t have a team-friendly contract; he has a 5.7M player option that he’ll likely opt into in 2016-17. Most teams have players as productive as Nick Young, but they cost a lot less.

Even if Young and Russell hug  it out — and an apology was accepted for the bro code violation that Russell admitted to — it’d make sense for the Lakers to try to part ways with Iggy Azalea’s fiancee.

The report — or, (logical) speculation — was published Friday in an article focusing on the Lakers’ locker-room tension. As Kobe Bryant’s retirement tour comes to an end, the video scandal has stolen the spotlight, with bizarre and hilarious consequences, such as this video of Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson videotaping Coach Byron Scott.

There’s also Scott’s take about how a player would react if a similar situation happened to a teammate in his playing days, via Bresnahan.

“All I can say is in our era, it probably would have been handled differently. And I’ll leave it at that,” he said.

And then there’s Russell’s take on how he’d react if Swaggy P took a swing at him:

“I’d get physical back,” Russell said. “It’s a point where you try to solve it the right way and I don’t know the words, but [if] there’s a sign of disrespect or violence is involved, sometimes you’ve got to let people feel you, you’ve got to let people know that, ‘If you disrespect this guy, you know you’ve got to bring it.’ ”

The Snapchat scandal has also led to several questions regarding the future of the NBA’s second-worst team, and how it will move forward from here. But one of those questions — how can the Lakers go on with Russell and Young sharing a locker room — is easy to answer.