(Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

This is news to me: CBS broadcaster Jim Nantz gives away the tie he wears during the national championship game broadcast to a senior on the winning team every year. He’s been calling the national championship game on TV since 1991. You’d think this would have come up earlier, because it’s so utterly weird.

But anyway, on Monday night Nantz bequeathed his tie to Villanova’s Ryan Arcidiacono, who was named the Final Four’s most outstanding player.

Here’s Nantz explaining the tradition. Keep close tabs on the woman to Nantz’s left right at the beginning of the clip.

Back in 2013, SB Nation’s Martin Rickman recounted a similar tale about a youngster who approached Nantz for an autograph at a golf tournament in Ohio. Instead of his signature, Nantz wordlessly took off his tie and gave it to him.

So if you need a tie and are at a major sporting event, Jim Nantz is your guy.

[H/t: Sporting News]